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Healthcare in the private sector

Clarity specialises in partnering with healthcare businesses in financially challenged or fast growth situations.

We are on your side. We can help and remove your worries by working with you and taking on your problems from start to finish and supporting you and your business to survive, recover and grow again or to accelerate its growth.

Let clarity help take the burden away and support you and your business to flourish.

Get a financial and growth advisor who understands the unique struggles of healthcare businesses and knows how to get them quickly back on track.

Clarity Transformation is perfectly placed to help you and your business adapt for survival and/or growth at this time of major change.

We must all adapt. Are you ready?

Why Choose clarity?

We act as your ‘right-hand’ trusted advisor – we take the stress away and fix the problem for you.

We are experts in healthcare and providing practices with the help they need if they are either facing financial difficulties or are growing fast. 

We’ve worked in the health sector for over 20 years helping businesses with crisis management, recovery, turnarounds and improvements. 

We understand the challenges healthcare businesses face with managing demand, capacity, quality of care, workforce, and finances – income, costs, cash, and profit. This is especially relevant now with the longer turnaround times between patients due to Covid and enhanced cleaning protocols.

How do you plan capacity to cope with the spikes in demand in the current climate of stop-start restrictions. What does that mean for your finances. How will it affect cash and profits or result in more debts and losses.

Is BBL/CBILS the panacea to the short-term financial hump or is it only delaying the inevitable reckoning. Are you ready for that and to grow your business. You can if you use this time and money wisely to build strong foundations for growth –  giving you a competitive advantage to capitalise on the opportunities to grow market share as the economy emerges from this pandemic.  

Clarity can help with our tailored solutions.  


If you'd like to talk to us or discuss any of our services please call us on  07866 767967 email us  or book a call using the button below.

How it works

We know that every business is different with its own unique problems to solve, so we’ll help you figure out the right approach to getting things back on track and growing.
We will work to understand your clinic, your financial position and create a plan to help your clinic grow or survive, recover and grow again.

We will:
• Have an initial consultation to discuss your issues and understand your needs
• Work with you to clarify and bring into focus the key issues and come-up with the best solution
• Help you implement and deliver it successfully.  

We can help you with:

1. Business Recovery
Your dedicated financial recovery specialist to:
• Stabilise your business and ensure survival
• Solve your cashflow problems and get your business back to profit

2. Growth and Transformation
Your trusted Finance Advisor and Business Growth Mentor

3. Financial Health Assessment  
• Checking your business finances to identify opportunities and risks – and how to fix them.
• How to rapidly grow your money


"Obi is unique combining the skills of a CEO and a CFO. Obi understands businesses and how to make them fly. He is highly intelligent, personable and achieves results. The sort of person that you want on your team."

- Justin Boyce-Cam, Partner BDO, Australia 

“He gets things done through his highly collaborative management style and with persuasive leadership. I have seen Obi inspire clinical engagement and gain buy-in from executive peers and divisional leadership teams – often in highly charged or challenging situations. He will take an integrated approach to often conflicting goals by linking finance, quality and operational priorities to deliver sustainable financial, quality and operational improvements.”

- NHS CEO  - South East 

“Obi is highly intelligent. He understands how hospitals work and this allows him to deliver results. He will gain buy in and co-operation from clinicians, finance and operations to ensure your goals are achieved. He has a wealth of experience to draw upon in order to transform services, save money and engage staff - I needed a solution rather than a series of quick short-term wins – Obi delivered this, and I would definitely engage him again if the need arose.”

- NHS CEO  - North East 

"I worked with Obi on a senior leadership project for an international hospital. It was a pleasure to work with someone who has the same strong work ethic! He was professional, extremely knowledgeable and added immense value to the project."

- Tracy Bedwell, MD of global M&D company

Obi is a person who can make a real difference through his ability to understand the key challenges involved in a turnaround or business improvement situation. He can work with stakeholders to both formulate a turnaround or improvement plan but most importantly to get buy in and actually deliver the plan. He has experience of a wide variety of industries primarily with SME's in the private sector and in the NHS in the public sector.

Stephen Burke, FD and Transformation Specialist

I have worked with Obi on a number of projects and found him to be diligent, well informed, highly experienced and able to follow through and deliver his work. I would certainly recommend him for any consulting engagements.

Jonathan Webb, CEO Clarity Associates Ltd

I have known and worked with Obi for the last ten years on a number of different projects in the NHS. All of these assignments have been complex, challenging and have required clinical, operational and financial changes to be made at pace. What sets Obi apart is his ability to take people with him through these changes and to communicate them clearly and appropriately to those impacted. The client is always disappointed when the work is complete as Obi is a joy to work with and has a passion for ensuring that the changes made are sustainable and management teams and their staff develop their capabilities/capacity along the way.

Iain Alexander - Partner, PwC, Leader Government & Health Industries Restructuring  

In these mad times it's great to find someone who can help you out of looming financial trouble so I was delighted to be introduced to Obi who brought clarity to my complex network of businesses. Once things became more settled, I expected to need to find someone else to review the growth and expansion plans for my media business, but again Obi was an invaluable consultant on a whole range of financial and business growth issues. Now pleased to work with him as our outsourced FD on contract.

Jack Chew, CEO Physio Matters, Therapy Live and Chews Health

NHS – Our work in our flagship National Health Service

We deliver transformation improvements in challenging environments by bringing together multiple stakeholders to engage with transformational change

We are leaders in transformation with over 20 years’ experience helping NHS Boards deliver complex transformation, financial improvement and integrated care system programmes to maximise front line services.

Our ability to deliver results by taking an integrated approach linking together the often conflicting priorities of quality, finance and operational improvements into system-wide integrated care programmes with our methodology TransformAction® makes us unique.

We take an integrated system view that looks at whole organisations operating within a system with partners. Our approach to engaging system stakeholders inspires collaborative teamwork and is the key to delivering transformational improvements that unlock high quality of care and system efficiencies for the benefit of patients.

We get things done at pace with our highly collaborative management style and persuasive leadership. Our approach inspires clinical engagement and gains buy-in from executive peers and divisional leadership teams – often in highly charged or challenging situations.

We deliver:
• ICS/STP Transformation
• Financial and Quality Improvement
• Operational Efficiency

Contact us to find out more about how Clarity can support you today.